National Titles 2023

Nationals 2023 Photos
Thanks to our photographers Active Memories Photography and Sunshine Sports Photography for these photographs. 
Photos from the junior tournament at Bli Bli United FC
Presentations on the Monday at Chancellor Park Soccer Club PIN code for download only 1709
Other games from Monday PIN code for download only 6345

Sneak peak for 2024
Next year we're at The Home of the Matildas!

Nationals 2023 All Stars List
Congratulations to the 2023 National Titles All Stars. The All Stars are chosen from voting by neutral associations across all regular games.  

Nationals 2023 Finals Results
U14s Champions: QCSA (QCSA 1 v SCCSA 0)
U17 Boys Champions: SCCSA (VCFA 0 v SCCSA 1)
U17 Girls Champions: QCSA (SCCSA 0 v QCSA 2)
U21s Champions: QCSA (QCSA 10pts v SCCSA 2pts - table standing)
Senior Women Champions: SCCSA (QCSA 0 v SCCSA 1)
Senior Men Champions: WACFA (WACFA 3 v SCCSA 0)

Friday 29th September 2023 –  Monday 2nd October 2023

This year's tournament was over two venues. All age groups came together on the Monday for finals at Chancellor Park. The draw can be found here

Junior tournament
Bli Bli United Football Club, Parklakes Sports Complex, Yandina – Bli Bli Road, Bli Bli
Under 14s, Under 17 Boys, Under 17 Girls

Senior tournament
Chancellor Park Soccer Club, Harmony Sports Fields, Recreation Drive, Palmview, Sunshine Coast
Under 21 Mens, Senior Mens, Senior Womens


National Titles 2022

Results Table and Draw for 2022 Nationals

Dates of 2022 Nationals were:

Friday 30th September 2022 –  Monday 3rd October 2022


Location of 2022 Nationals:

Chancellor Park Soccer Club

Recreation Drive, Palmview, Sunshine Coast


Age Groups for 2022 Nationals were:

Female Competitions: Senior Women

Male Competitions: U21 /  Senior Mens


National Titles All Stars 2019

Congratulations to the 2019 National Titles All Stars

Download list of names

Redcliffe Herald

National Titles Photos for 2019

All the 2019 National Titles photos can be view at the below link


National Titles Champions 2019

The 2019 National Titles Champions

Under 14 - NSW City
Under 16 - NSW City
Under 18 - Coastal NSW
Under 23 - NSW City
Senior Mens - Victoria
Under 16 girls - Queensland
Women - Victoria

National Titles Information Booklet 2019

The 2019 National Titles booklet can now be downloaded
Download link                        

National Titles Venue Map 2019

National Titles Live Stream 2019

The Grand finals for the nationals will be Live Streamed check out the page on


National Titles Merchandise 2019

National Titles Merchandise is now available, head to the link below to order merchandise now


The 2019 National Titles draw can now be downloaded or head to the match centre of the webpage
   National titles draw download       

The Christian Football Federation and the Qld Christian Soccer Assoc are partnering the hosting of the 2019 National Titles.

These are being held from 29 September till 3 October at Redcliffe.

We are in need of volunteers to assist teams/spectators from all around Australia.

Roles include:

1. Field Official Volunteers (some of the duties include): • Need to be at each field to provide assistance to the teams and referees; • Deliver results back to the results office after each game; • Call for assistance to the field including First Aid; • General assistance with the supporters, team officials, etc.

2. Information Office Volunteers: • Provide assistance to players, team officials, supporters, etc.

3. Administration and Results Office Volunteers: • Provide assistance to State and National Officials with results, changes to draws, etc.

4. Set Up and Pack Down Volunteers: • General assistance in the set up and pack down of shade structures, nets, tables and other general assistance before, throughout and after the tournament.

All volunteers will be provided with lunch/dinner on Monday to Thursday. If you can give 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week, it will all be appreciated. If you would be available to help for all or part of this tournament, please email riversbaptistsoccer@gmail.com . You'll get a lovely orange volunteers shirt! I was a volunteer last year and it was a lot of fun. If you've got kids/friends playing, you can work your times around those games.

2018 National Titles Photos

Re live all the memories from the National Titles 2018.

Head to Art in Images website to check out all the photos

                               Art images website       

2018 National Titles Videos

Click on the below links to download the finals for the 2018 National Titles


Under 14

Under 16 girls

Under 16 boys

Under 18

Under 23

Senior Mens

Senior Ladies

Opening Ceremony

2018 Redcliffe Herald

2018 National Titles Draw

For the 2018 National Titles draw, head to the match centre of the webpage


2018 National Titles Information Pack

Get all the information for the 2018 National Titles

Information pack download

2018 National Titles Merchandise


Christian Football Federation Australia are excited to release the 2018 Brisbane National Titles event merchandise! These items will be available for pre-order till SEPTEMBER 23rd!

These items are sure to be popular, so why not pre-order today!


2018 National Titles Volunteers Needed

QCSA are still looking for Volunteers to help make the Christian Football Federation Australia 2018 National Titles run smoothly!

If you are available to help out please contact repsoccer@qcsa.org.au

2018 National Titles

Dates: Sunday 30th September to 5th October 2018

The competion will be played at Dolphin Stadium at Redcliffe
Klingner Rd and Ashmole Rd Recliffe.

Dolphins Redcliff Stadium
Google Map link

2017 National Titles Videos

Re live all the memories from the 2017 National Titles, check out the videos


2017 Photo Link for National Titles

Photo link : http://www.artinimages.com.au/portfolio/cffa-2017
Action shot photos can be purchased at $2.20 per photo.

Team photo $20 per photo

A Group package can be purchased for team photos only, this consists of full set of team photos (16 off) – for this option, please email secretary@cfasydney.com.au

2017 CFFA Championship Merchandise

Order your 2017 CFFA Championships merchandise online and be guaranteed of getting your selection.

Log on online at http://www.sportscentre.com.au/products/buy-online/cffa-national-titles-sydney-2017 and choose your favourite item. Avoid the crowds and order online. Personalise your order by placing your name on the back for only $10.

2017 National Titles

2017 National Titles will be held at Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation at Narrabeen on 24th September to 28th September 2017

2016 Photos and Videos National Titles

Re live the memories from the 2016 National Titles here 

Video link 

Senior Mens:    https://vimeo.com/185402567
U/23 Men’s Final :   https://vimeo.com/184949005
U/18 Boys final:    https://vimeo.com/184948896
U/14 Boys Final :  https://vimeo.com/184948888
Senior Womans Final:   https://vimeo.com/184948886
U/16 Boys Final:   https://vimeo.com/184940596
U/16 Girls final:   https://vimeo.com/184940369
Presentation:   https://vimeo.com/184948907

Photo link

2016 CFFA Merchandise for the National Titles

For the range of Official CFFA merchandise please visit the online shop at the link below available for purchase now. Now more than ever is the time to get behind CFFA and support the National body.

Link to online store


National Titles Event Rules

The National Titles event rules have been updated and can now be downloaded from the documents section of the webpage or by clicking on the link below.

National Titles Rules V4.23 download


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